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Experience these wonderful treatments in the comfort of your own home

*All prices are for home visits.


Collagen time reversal facial: £100 per treatment/home visit

Special offer - courses of 6 face treatments bought and paid for at the same time, but booked at the client's convenience, benefitting from a 20% saving.




£70 per treatment/home visit.


Radiofrequency cellulite and skin tightening:

£100 per treatment

Course of 6: £480

Home visits

Ultrasonic Cavitation fat busting:

£100 per treatment.

Course of 6 = £480

Home visits

Cellulite and fat-busting combination 

Radiofrequency and Ultrasonic cavitation combined treatment 

£125 per treatment.

6 sessions recommended for optimum long-lasting results = £600

*All treatments/home visits are based on a maximum travel time of 30 minutes from Windsor. Requests to travel further may be possible but will be subject to a fee of £30 per each additional half hour travelled. 

Get in touch to discuss further and for any current promotions and offers.

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