Testimonial: Very Happy With The Results

Very happy with the results of my fat freezing treatment! I had my concerns about this process but Lisa was knowledgeable about how the process works and the necessary aftercare. I spoke to a few providers and in the end I went with Lisa because she was competent in answering all of my questions and she’s been a manual lymphatic drainage practitioner for years. Given that this process depends on the lymphatic system to work, it made sense as I wouldn’t have got this level of expertise anywhere else. In addition, she there was the option for her to come to my home so that I didn’t have to worry about travelling before or afterwards.

For me personally, I am a fit and healthy woman but I had some “pockets” dotted around that I just couldn’t shift. I have combined the treatment with exercise and a healthy diet and the results are great. I noticed a small difference after 6 weeks and now (around 3 months later) I have seen a notable difference – my kangaroo pouch has significantly decreased and my thighs are less thunderous than before. I personally experienced no down time and – while the treatment felt a little strange to begin with – I quickly got used to it and happily read my book while the treatment took place.