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Testimonial: Very Happy With The Results

Very happy with the results of my fat freezing treatment! I had my concerns about this process but Lisa was knowledgeable about how the process works and the necessary aftercare. I spoke to a few providers and in the end I went with Lisa because she was competent in answering all of my questions and she’s been a manual lymphatic drainage practitioner for years. Given that this process depends on the lymphatic system to work, it made sense as I wouldn’t have got this level of expertise anywhere else. In addition, she there was the option for her to come to my home so that I didn’t have to worry about travelling before or afterwards.

For me personally, I am a fit and healthy woman but I had some “pockets” dotted around that I just couldn’t shift. I have combined the treatment with exercise and a healthy diet and the results are great. I noticed a small difference after 6 weeks and now (around 3 months later) I have seen a notable difference – my kangaroo pouch has significantly decreased and my thighs are less thunderous than before. I personally experienced no down time and – while the treatment felt a little strange to begin with – I quickly got used to it and happily read my book while the treatment took place.

Sculptlite Launches

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Sculptlite. Sculptlite uses lovelites lipoglaze technology which is a safe, non invasive alternative to liposuction by cooling and reshaping the bodies contours to give an average of 33% reduction in the fat of the area targeted in one treatment. All from the comfort of your own home by a Harley street trained technician.